Here's what our families are saying about the program...

"My children love Tiny Tunes. We started our first class when my daughter was 13 months old and my son was 2 1/2. I could not believe how quickly they learned the songs and how much they enjoyed coming to class. My daughter will walk over to the CD player and say "happy" which is her way of asking to play the Tiny Tunes CD. Miss Jenny has a way of making each child in the class feel special and recognized for his or her accomplishments. I would highly recommend Tiny Tunes for every family!"
Susan Creutzinger
"Tiny Tunes is a wonderful experience for both parent and child.  Everyone should have the opportunity to take this class!" 
The Gerson Family 

"I have to tell you when I first signed up for Tiny Tunes I was not sure Sofia was ready to participate in a "music class".  I could not imagine there was much a music class could offer an 18 month old child.  I was so wrong.  The singing, the dancing, the instruments, the friends. We both love it.  Even Daddy listens to the CD's!  We can't wait for the next session to start.  Thank You for sharing your love of music with Sofia"

Deana Young 

"Tiny Tunes has made a wonderful impact on my son! It amazes me how much he picks up in music class and by listening to the cd's. He is only two, and can sing a number of songs by heart! He loves to sing for our friends and family! The parachute, instruments, and balls are wonderful teaching tools. He wakes up in the mornings asking to go to music class and see Ms. Jenny....that shows me how much he enjoys it! The cd's make long car trips enjoyable. He sits in the back and is happy just singing away!"

Kristi Roland

"Tiny Tunes is a perfect class for multiple siblings!  My one year old is just as actively involved as my 3 year old twins!  The instructor does an excellent job keeping the children engaged and having fun throughout the class! A must for anyone with young children!"
Nancy Howell 

"Miss Jenny and Tiny Tunes have been a great experience for our family.  Our son has enjoyed Miss Jenny's teaching methods, enthusiasm, creativity, and spending time with his peers in such a funfilled environment.  Miss Jenny has a very kind manner, a great repoire with children,and she has been very patient and encouraging of each childs' development and milestones.  It has a been a great bonding experience to have something our family can enjoy together.    No wonder why we have attended class 7 times in a row!  It is wonderful to have such a quality program and fantastic instructor in our area." 

Derek, Diane, and Carson Tabor

"Tiny Tunes has been such a wonderful experience for me and my daughter.  It is a program unlike any other we've participated in. The music is great, the music education is fantastic and Jennifer is an exceptionally talented educator.  She is welcoming, energetic and very knowledgeable.  Her enthusiastic instruction has made our experience unforgettable. Thank you for many wonderful sessions.  We'll be singing away to the Tiny Tunes music for many years to come!"
Jaime and Markella Matheos

"My son (4) and my daughter (2) LOVE music class! It is the highlight of our week.  I am so amazed by how much they have learned since we started attending last summer 07'.  My son has become so proficient with learning the words to songs, and I can't help but smile when I hear my little girl sing "Twinkle Twinkle", in her little two year old voice.  Miss Jenny does such a wonderful job of making every single child feel like the most special one in the room.  She not only educates them musically, but she also gives them confidence and self-esteem as she teaches them to love learning.  Tiny Tunes has become such a sweet part of our lives, and I am so grateful that my children will have such precious childhood memories from their Tiny Tunes experience."

The Sander's Family